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Welcome Me
2002-09-04 // 1:38 p.m.

This is a new place with old smells but new faces, old trees and buildings but new sights and sounds. Strange, yet strangely familiar.

Riding in her car today, I thought I knew the band singing from her tapeplayer, but the impossibility of such knowledge was apparent.

And the new locale has affected my spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, knocking me off kilter and sending me whirling sometimes. In conversation yesterday, I found myself saying "it's so hard to put into words."

But the conversation sailed nonetheless, perfect example of why I am here, of what I want to do with my life.

I want to talk. I want to have discourse, intellectual and mindbending. I want to listen, and then respond, and get the same from my companion. A team effort, a neverending conversation on the ins and outs and in betweens of things I do not understand, of things I think I do understand.

I want to be made keenly aware of the fact that one can never truly understand anything, that every day is a journey down a new, twisting path of knowledge.

And this place, it sings songs of new knowledge. It has breezes that blow me places I've never been and show me things and people I've never known. This place is beautiful, and I am in love with my adventure.

Cunt enfolding, like an embrace of warm thought and comfort feeling.


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