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karen carpeter loops and the space time continuum
2005-12-19 // 3:24 a.m.

It's moments like these that I remember why I love her, even now after I've cleaned up 300 times and broken more glasses than I can count.

It's about the voices that sail overhead. The facts of time and space put together just so. That she went back in time 100 years to gather Einstein with the suffragettes. The mixing of the two, combined with centuries mentioned in passing and passing mentioned in centuries.

Mostly, it's that loop of Rainy Days and Mondays, the way that it catches itself and holds on until coming back again. It's the way that people get lost without realizing it, and that she knows that. That she feels the space growing and constricting around her, and communicates that.

I turned in the moment and whispered very quietly that I still loved her. I don't see how I couldn't when she makes worlds like that.


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