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v u l v a l i c i o u s

of salt pillars and oak trees
2008-06-26 // 12:41 a.m.

We were never gods. Instead we were mortals, unsuspecting and wholly usual. Standard housing, wood floors and a window that got good light. The sun would hit our eyes in the morning to wake us and we'd roll into each others arms. Sleepy and comforted, unholy but perfect in our flaws.

Every night at dinner we'd somehow find a bottle of wine, share it between ourselves and laugh a little. Giggle as though we were drunk when in reality it'd take bottle after bottle to get us truly inebriated. It was the company that did it. You and me. The two of us, the looks we'd share over the meals I'd cooked and the bread you'd brought from the market. We were in love.

And I remember the night we became trees standing side by side, the perfect home we'd made turned to cold granite. A laughing god, drunk on power, on his own scent and needs, letting us stand side by side and undying. A fitting end to our love.

There's a distance between our imagined future and the reality of our present. The known and the unknown, the way we fit together and all the cracks that make me think we could fall apart at any second.

I want to believe. I want to become a force so strong that I can make this possible. Let this just be possible, for one second: that love exists, that I have it, that I am inside of it and will not get out, and that you are there with me. That we're in this. Together. That little house and 2 dogs/2 cats and our hands held. Together. That it can happen, that it is happening right now. That it will happen every day that we create it, until our love makes us immortal.


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