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v u l v a l i c i o u s

There are days when I am in Need, and this is one of them
2002-10-15 // 10:14 a.m.

Oh, where did my blue skies go? Oh, why is it raining so?

It seems to be a bad day. It feels like the kind of day when things will ultimately go wrong, no matter what I do.

I feel as though I have given up trying to struggle against such a mighty current, and I am letting it pull me this way and that, hoping there's no undertow. Although I have to admit I've felt drowned recently--have felt as though there is a bit too much water, a bit too much rain. And yes, it's necessary. I know this. But it feels too cold, and it feels to wet, and I would very much like to have, at least for a few weeks, warm and dry.

Or at least moderation. Secretly, I enjoy moderation quite a bit. My problem is that I've never been too good at it.

So today I am letting myself get swept away, in the hopes that I will end up some place beautiful.

A garden for my Cunt, at the meeting of land and water; a green space that I can call my own.

Sanity, in moderation.


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