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When I sit in libraries, I become incredibly sexually aware: Switch flipped On
2002-10-25 // 12:19 p.m.

The library inspires me to sexual greatness. I should come here more often. Yesterday, the following came to me, and I smiled slyly over it as I read my book, looking out the window once or twice in the hopes of catching the eyes of passersby. No eyes were caught; I left the library for dinner and a class.


Did you notice what was behind my eyes the last time I looked at you? I doubt that you did. I think that you probably didn't look me in the face; avoid my gaze because it's easier that way.

I'd like to fuck you. No, right here. Not anywhere else. This is your only chance to say yes.

I've been thinking about what it would feel like to take your lower lip in my mouth, sucking on it soft hard harder soft again, bite nibble bite; move my tongue sweetly along it and inside your mouth.

I thought about feeling the cool metal of your piercing with my tongue, tasting it metallic sweet as I moved my hands down your back, leaving the promises of future nail marks. I won't ask you where else you're pierced, love. I'll leave the finding to my fingers, the mapping to my mouth.

Did you notice that I had fucking on my mind when last we met? Could you feel my gaze hot and heady, hiding behind quiet eyes that ask for little more than friendly exchanges? But you must have; I saw it in your response, the the way that you reacted to my mere presence.

But right now, I am climbing on top of you, moving slowly and deliberately down every inch of your person. I am kissing you with my entire body, one piece at a time, though not in parts, but whole. Tonight I'd like to fuck you.

Right here.

Let's go.


Cunt is coming, start getting busy, Friends.


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