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starvation economies
2012-07-09 // 11:59 p.m.

You want to talk about poverty, to compare this situation to not knowing you had been without. Not knowing until you were told: We are the poor ones, we are the ones who would get this charity.

It's a starvation economy, then. In your world there is not enough, a constant state of hunger. And so it makes sense, the way you frame your argument, how you struggle to explain that This Is Significant, while That Is Not.

I can't live that way. I have learned that there is enough: enough love, enough power, enough emotion, enough room. Our bodies stretch, move, bend in ways we thought were impossible. We are enough. You are enough. All of us, together, we are more than enough: we are great.

We are not the poor ones. In this world that we have built, there are no poor. In this world, the one that exists in between our day to day and the future, we have changed the conversation. This world spreads out possibility before us, limitless.

I know you are hungry. Afraid that any change will mean one less morsel for you. They have taken from you (they have taken from all of us, every day, and it hurts and we just want it not to hurt any more. I know this. I understand.)

But just open your eyes. There is food here, warmth, love. Everything you need.

In this world we will not starve. We will be the ones who feed one another, hands across the table, eyes shining. Take this, try it, open, love.


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