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v u l v a l i c i o u s

and it hurts
2014-02-26 // 2:45 a.m.


we're standing together at work. somehow everyone i know (have ever known) seems to work here. but right now, here we are. you and me. i like you. the weight of it is palpable, even in the dream world.

it's not you, though, who matters.

i am there and then there's someone else. hurt and angry and saying, "i'm still so in love with you."

you look so uncomfortable. i feel heavy and wrong. the dream has involved a lot of running in circles already. chasing down people and things. swimming and staying wet, feeling cold and tired.

i turn to that other person and try to say the right thing, but there's no right thing to be said. it hurts. it just hurts.


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