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sew me up
2012-09-19 // 2:18 a.m.

there is a tear in my side the size of your hand, one open red line that marks the spot where i'd keep you if i could. this is where you're supposed to be, next to me. your hand at my heart and mine at yours, and just touching, touching.

i want you to come and sew me up. take needle and thread and mend the ache you leave me with when you're not here.

and truth be told, if i could gather up all the cities you live in at their ends and stitch them together into one town, that's what i would do. the hours it might take would mean nothing if i thought it would land you here, steps away. no planes or trains, just your feet and mine. your ring tone blowing up my phone so you can say: i am outside. i am outside and waiting. come get me.

and i would. because i want you and you and you, i want all of you. i want your hands right here, and your heads. i want us to be in one room. i want this place that is empty and open and raw sewn up shut and full. i want to feel ok again.


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