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v u l v a l i c i o u s

2015-08-24 // 1:46 a.m.

"i'm probably too cute for you anyway."

i captioned my picture like that because i'm not. not too cute, not too anything, not for most people. but it was a good picture, and i liked the idea that someone would see it and think, damn, yes. you really were too cute for me.

and maybe they did, or they do. sometimes people say things like that: someone is too intimidated to talk to you.

really, though? really?

it's not that i don't like myself, because i honestly do. i enjoy the way my features sit on my face together. i like my body, clothed or not. there's not any part of my body i'd change out for aesthetic purposes--i'd keep my fat belly and thick thighs and all my body hair.

i just don't actually believe that other people would ever see me and think i'm actually too cute. too nice? yeah. probably that. she just *smiles* too much. that, i could see.

but i wanted someone to see me and say, DAMN. and then think, well, yeah, she was too cute for me. too nice and too cute.

i never stood a chance.


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