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Alone, Not Lonely
2002-07-22 // 3:00 a.m.

I am tired, but my cunt feels wide awake. I think she's ready to play and lacking a partner, a most dreadful combination.

I went and saw her play tonight, singing as loudly as she could to drown out the voices of boys at the bar. And I did not want her, not at all. Not even for a moment.

Instead, I looked at the new girl she is with and smiled, thinking of the possibilities they hold for one another.

My cunt is alone but not lonely, comfortable with herself to the utmost.

I also made friends with a few lesbians, at least one of whom verified the coolness of my cunt. After she drove away and I was in my car, I found myself saying "that's right, I am cool as hell."

And my cunt, alone but not lonely, feels like the most powerful place to be right now.


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