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v u l v a l i c i o u s

your mixtape's a masterpiece
2013-07-19 // 2:14 a.m.

i can't make you a mixtape
because if i did i'd put all the wrong songs
show my hand and show my heart
leave a mess with the first line of the first song it played

something by the smiths (double decker bus or else
last night i dreamt that somebody loved me)
and something by the beatles
tender forever
then coney island by the shondes

one jeff buckley song (lover, you should have come over)
and a song about your eyes (i swear i can see your soul)
and whitney houston's i get so emotional

it's too much

add on the luckiest
wait until that new selena gomez song comes on the radio
even though i know you'll hate it
half the fun of a mix is making it for yourself

and there are too many love songs i'd want
too much sentiment
and a bit too much sadness

it's for the best that there's no way to make this happen.
glove compartment and all my little words
black cab because i fuck it all up
because i need to get home and start the label art

track listing in my perfect hand
the accidental heart in the corner, bleeding out
i'll make it all fit,
use every last second of tape.
fill the silent moments with my voice

this song reminds me of you
i'd play this while we walked hand in hand
over a bridge in the dark
3am and 17
not ready to go home

this is the one i'd sing
when you finally fell asleep
and i heard your breathing shift to something softer

this is the song i'd have my heart sing your heart
after the first last time we kissed
or the last first time either of us
ever felt
that wrenching quiet that's never quite right

it's a good thing i left my portable stereo on a sidewalk in san francisco, love.
this is one mixtape that should never get made.


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