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Mi Familia
2003-07-09 // 2:08 a.m.

I feel like I've opened the door to the universe of polyamory, and that I do not want to turn back. Reading about it, it sounds as though it fits me right now, as though everything that I desire from a relationship has been spilled out into sets of possibilities.

I do not want what I've been looking at as it was lived by someone else, but rather what I think it might be possible for me to experience with the right group of loving, supportive individuals. It seems that for poly to work, communication is a necessity. Wants and needs and the basic foundations of loving must be spelled out by each person who is interested in being a part of the relationship.

I could see myself talking things out, negotiating desire and time spent together as well as time spent separately. I am unsure about the approach that might suit me, am thinking that being a sidecar to a full-blown relationship does not appeal to me quite as much as the potential for equal footing among three or more people.

This brings me to the inevitable problem of defining equality, and of setting it at a base level that (almost certainly) is qualified by a single person.

I want to find people to talk face to face with about these things, to sort of hash out the first troubles that are coming to mind. I am gathering information. I am ferreting out my feelings on the matter.

I am treading lightly into a place I've been wanting to wander for a while now, and I am ultimately awash with excitement.


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