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i'm a witch
2015-09-08 // 3:34 a.m.

love spell:

one candle, dressed with intentions. i think about them hard as i sprinkle herbs over the top and so much glitter and one piece of crystal.
"heartbeat song" starts playing and i know it is a way of adding to my blessing. i'm gonna turn it up-up-up-UP all night long.

at home, i light it with special matches and walk through the house with it, speaking aloud:

i invite love into my life, i invite love into my heart, i invite love into my room, i invite love into my bed.

i repeat this with intimacy and then with sex.

i pull tarot to see if there's anything i need to do to help my spell along. the cards seem to say: you are already living an abundant life. keep doing that.

so i do.

at work the next day i tell a co-worker about my spell. "i'm gonna get a rich tech lesbian who lets me call her daddy," i say, half joking.

the candle burns for a day and a half. i keep the jar, because i don't like the idea of throwing it out.

so i had my first date in more than a year. first real actual date, anyway, because the people i saw from ok cupid weren't compatible and i either felt like we were friends or nothing at all. this person is already a friend, and we've been meaning to go out for a while. they don't live in town.

the date went well. thank god. i invited them into my home, my room, my bed.

we made out for a long time and then almost fell asleep before they ended up fucking me. i felt that hazy blissed out sleepy sort of way that i get when i go to sub space. it's not how i normally feel, but it was good.

i was worried i'd cry. i am glad i didn't, but i don't think it would've mattered.

i fucked them the next day when we were both awake and alive again.

a few days later we were talking about daddies. they're the kind of person who's very daddy-like (or mommy-like) but who thinks that people who call themselves daddy probably have more issues than are fun to deal with. for the record: i agree.

my daddy kink only extends to people who can appreciate the inherent absurdity of daddies and daddy kink.

and this person is not a lesbian, nor are they rich, but they are exactly what is sent to you when you request those things.

you said this, but you meant that.

they're a tech queer who can travel enough that we'll see each other a little; they're my friend; they'll be tough but they'll make fun of mascs and daddies with me.

i'm a fucking witch and i do love spells that work.


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