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Imagine Building a Love
2002-10-01 // 12:58 p.m.

Blood is back, and in high form. We've been bonding these past few days, and I'll be sad to see her go. Alas, these things are bound to happen.

And I have been Imagining lately. Little things. Primarily, I imagine conversations. Imagine a lover. Imagine love.

There is a lot of warmth, almost a sickening amount. We are close. We hold hands and kiss in the rain; she pushes me against the stone walls that surround my building and kisses me, hard yet sweet, as the rain dampens our hair and jackets.

These are the things I imagine when I walk home in the darkness. A hand to hold, which squeezes slightly my hand.

And when I am bleeding, she feels more manifest, somehow. Like I can make this Imagined One from my own flesh and blood. Like I am some great creator, a chemist--alchemist, perhaps--mixing and remixing, building the perfect human; the perfect love.

My Cunt is a Builder; this is a source of Joy.


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