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snowball effect
2018-10-19 // 1:48 a.m.

Lately I've been casually fatalistic, thinking about how the world is only getting worse and accepting that it may never get better. The 2016 election kicked it into high gear but the feeling was growing long before that. Now it's just undeniable.

It's not as though I think the world is going to end tomorrow. But I feel like I'm watching its slow death.

I don't think our votes will count.
I don't feel like there's a chance of the poor ever not being poor or the rich learning to stop hoarding their wealth.
Healthcare is a joke.
Climate change is a massive snowball just rolling down a mountain and getting bigger by the second.

I'm anxious and sad and scared and I just want to feel okay. But it's not happening. It's never happening.


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