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Two dreams
2003-02-09 // 10:55 a.m.

Last night I had two dreams which I vaguely remember. The first had me trekking across the country with an old high school friend, probably one of the first grrls I ever had a crush on. She acts, and she acted then, and she was acting in my dream last night. We were going to one of her performances. I watched her on the stage with envy and awe, and when we were in the car, I kept telling her she should come with me before heading west.

That dream began to evolve into some sort of underwater scene of defiance, sitting in a crowded theatre with her performance going on and a man in a large tank of water in front of me trying to see how long he could hold his breath. He was trying to trust his cage holder, but couldn't do it. At some point, I decided to try it. When I got it right on the first try, he got angry and left. I was supposed to stay and clean up.

The strings of connection between the two distinct dreams are tenuous at best. There was something about a cake, flowers, a contest, horoscopes. At some point She came to pick me up, and we were traveling. I was wearing strange shoes, and I kept telling myself that I was a five year old, but she didn't know it. We started dancing. There was a lot of twirling, movement, strange, then salsa dancing. "Get closer," she said.

We'd have strange moments of eye contact, and then one of us would look away, embarrassed. Her hair was highlighted and longer than it usually is, and she was wearing an orange-pink shirt that changed colors when the light hit it a certain way. She had matching lipstick on. In my mind, she was Amelie. Not the actress that played Amelie, mind you, but Amelie herself.

I can't help but go back to the dancing and the eye contact and wonder what it means. Do I have the power of prophesy, or are dreams merely an extension of my thoughts and actions in waking life?

She never wears color like that.


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