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To Be Fucked
2002-09-17 // 4:03 p.m.

Today I saw a phallic shadow, and thought of being fucked very well by a boi with a strap-on. I let my thoughts dance around rough sex, spread legs, hair pulling, and nibbling until I had walked to the main road and was forced to turn my thoughts to the mundane things of the day: meetings, readings, et cetera, ad nauseum.

This brought me back, quickly, into my earlier thoughts of sex and desire.

And it comes and goes, that feeling of Wanting, Very Badly. It strides through my life a few days out of each week, or sometimes only once or twice a month; it wears leather and nice shoes, and when it touches me, I feel the sensation through my entire body. My cunt awakens. I am heat, intensity, fire. I am passion. Fuck. And fuck me.

We exchange glances filled with contextual meaning. Imagination thrusts me up, out, and I am there. We are there.

And ideally, I can feel it for days. I walk to class with my cunt singing, calling out, singing rebellious songs of elation; I sit in meetings, legs crossed, listening intently, and then I smile just a bit knowing, feeling, pulsing.

Come. Fuck. Me.

Cunt, Alive, Necessity. These are the things that dwell in my mind.


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