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v u l v a l i c i o u s

Zipper teeth bite open mouth nibble ear grr
2003-01-07 // 3:32 a.m.

Someone to sink my teeth into. Literally.

He had too much to drink (as is always the case), and let me nibble here and there. Shoulders offer a perfect place for teeth and a lightly clamping jaw, a subtle gnawing that somewhat satiates my desire for a very naked her to taste.

When I am here, it seems easier to flirt with boys, with the young boy who lets me flirt, lets me nibble and tickle and laugh, than to find a grrl who is as suitable as he is.

Driving home, I think of her, ask myself what she's doing, and bite at the air as if it were her. When all is said and done, it's a matter of who is here and who isn't, which body part is exposed before me, and asks me to play, and which would never (in a million years) think to wait before me with an open invitation.

I have the freedom to bite whomever I choose, and I choose that which presents itself. Vagina dentata.


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