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v u l v a l i c i o u s

2013-03-03 // 1:00 a.m.


the sun streams in and half lights the room. we've slept somehow an arm's length apart in a too big bed that should find us rolling over and over to reach one another. i open my eyes and find yours looking back.

your hand moves to my hair. i am messy, a wild thing who has just crossed from dreams into waking. i think you've been staring at me, but i can't say for certain. i smile and nuzzle my head into your palm.

i want you to pull me closer, but i don't say that. i just luxuriate in the feel of this one touch for the moment that it's there. (even in day dreams i am waiting for you to leave).

my hand skims your face, and suddenly this is much more intimate than expected. we are an unknown quantity. i watch as you shift to understanding, to a sleepy-eyed wanting that meets mine.

and so we are not unknown. we are inside the parentheses, the first part of the equation waiting to be figured.

there is nothing but your lips and the sunlight. a beam that cuts across your black t-shirt and connects you to my neck. your hands and the blankets. all the heat of an uncharted lover sprawled out before me.


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