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v u l v a l i c i o u s

2002-09-13 // 3:24 p.m.

The most delightful of discoveries are the ones that come to us without our expectation.

Mine was wrapped in a fruit shell; it looked like a cross between a lime and a kiwi, but lacked a specific scent. Wanting to know what was inside, I pushed with my fingers. Harder. Nothing. I placed it under my foot and pressed my weight down. With little resistance, it split open to reveal its interior.

Hard, brown-red, perfect little nugget. I am elation. I am ridiculous and artistic, glorying in its luster. I polish it with my fingers before asking her what it is.

Names, I believe, are irrelevant in situations like this. I am connected to the color, to the swirling, dancing variations. One side is a campfire scene; there people leaning over orange-red light, surrounded by an aura of darkness. The other side is deep, rich brown; unobstructed earth color, the feeling of a family dinner table and bowls of food being set before me.

She smiled when I laughed at it, as I held it up to the light. She does that, and I feel better. I feel like someone believes in my goodness again. I thank her internally.

Happiness is my little chesnut; it is my Self being affirmed. It is little moments and small joys.

Blessed be the cunt, and all my little joys.


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