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not even worth reading
2016-02-22 // 4:14 p.m.

i am lonely and also i want to be alone. soundproof room with the curtains drawn and white walls, a television, a bed. i want a tony hotel room somewhere high above the city. no street sounds. no other guests. just me and the quiet.

if i'm not going to see anyone i'd like it to be on my terms, you know?

my housemate just got home and i found myself sighing and annoyed at the sound of their key in the door. just. go away. please. christ.

i'm feeling annoyed that they don't take out the trash or unload the dish drainer. little tasks that i hate being solely responsible for. i can hear some kind of dish noise right now, though, so maybe they're doing that? and i'm just a whiny jerk.

whatever. my brain is such a shitty place to be lately.


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